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How to log in to your Sky Piggybank

sky piggybank

by John Callan

sky piggybank

Sky Mobile is a UK-based mobile network provider that was launched by Sky, the satellite TV provider, in 2017.

As a provider, Sky Mobile operates on the O2 network and offers a variety of mobile plans to its customers.

including pay-as-you-go, contract, and SIM-only options.

One of the unique features of Sky Mobile is its Roll feature,

which allows customers to roll over any unused data from their monthly allowance into the next month.

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Sky Mobile also offers a number of other perks to its customers,

including unlimited streaming of Sky TV shows and movies on their mobile devices,

as well as the ability to swap their phone for a new one every year.

Sky Mobile offers an exclusive data rollover benefit known as the Sky Piggybank,

which differs from other networks’ data rollover options.

With Sky Piggybank, you have the flexibility to use your unused data from a previous month for a different purpose.

The popularity of Sky among Sky Mobile users is evident in the fact that over 90% of them have already saved enough data to qualify for Sky Piggybank Rewards.

This indicates the value that Sky’s Roll offers to mobile users by preventing the wastage of unused data,

which is common in other networks.

Redeeming your Sky Piggybank data is easy, and you can get up to £50 off any gadget or equipment.

To check your balance and rewards, you can use, your phone, and eventually, the My Sky app.

Each month, new incentives become available.

For example, you can exchange 5GB of unused data from July for a variety of iPhone covers,

or 20GB for a JBL GO 2 Portable Speaker.

The Sky rewards are a unique way for Sky Mobile users to make the most out of their data and earn exciting perks.

How do I use my Sky Piggybank Data?

The Sky Piggybank allows you to save any unused data at the end of each month,

which can be used for various benefits.

The rolled-over data will stay in your Piggybank for up to three years,

giving you plenty of time to redeem it whenever you like.

By using your saved data in your Sky Piggybank, you can get discounts on new devices, tablets, and other equipment.

You have the freedom to choose when to use your remaining data,

whether you want to top it up or redeem it for a reward or discount.

To withdraw data from your Sky Piggybank, you must have at least 1GB saved.

Keep in mind that Sky Mobile can only be topped up in whole GB amounts. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to add or withdraw 500MB or any other amount smaller than 1GB.

Sky Piggybank is a great option for family mobile plans because all additional lines utilize the same Piggybank.

This means that unused data from other SIMs will be saved in the same Piggybank,

and the main account user can transfer data to individual plans with any leftover data saved in the Sky Piggybank.

However, it’s essential to be careful when entering data because any changes cannot be undone.

How do I use my Sky Piggybank Data?

Using your Sky Piggybank data is an easy way to get discounts on a wide range of items such as tablets,

smartphones, and other mobile devices.

Sky Mobile offers exclusive offers and prizes that are regularly updated,

so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on what’s available.

The more data you save in your Sky Piggybank, the more significant the discount you can receive.

Here are the steps to check and redeem your Sky Piggybank rewards:

  1. Log in to your Sky account at,
  2. select My Account > Mobile > Sky, and enter your Sky ID to access your account.
  3. Look for Piggy Bank Rewards to see the list of available rewards and your current balance.
  4. Choose the prize you want to redeem and select the amount of data you wish to use. You can also choose to cash out your data.
  5. If you are not satisfied with your new equipment or mobile accessories, you have fourteen days to return them. If you used your Sky Piggybank rewards to save on your new device,
  6. any data used would be returned to your Piggy Bank, and you won’t lose any of it.

While personal hotspot is allowed on Sky Mobile, it is essential to note that data allowances are limited.

Previously, Sky subscribers could use their saved data to earn Sky Store coupons,

but unfortunately, these deals are no longer available.

The Sky Piggybank rewards program is an excellent way to make the most out of your data and earn exciting discounts on a wide range of items.

How to log in to your Sky Piggybank

To access your Sky,

you can log in using your My Sky ID on the My Sky App or on

If you don’t have a Sky ID, you can create one using your email address either online or on the My Sky App.

Creating a Sky ID is a straightforward process that only takes a few minutes.

Once you’ve created your Sky ID, you can use it to access all of your Sky accounts ,including your Sky Piggybank.

This makes it easy to manage your saved data, view your rewards, and redeem them for various benefits.

Whether you prefer to use the My Sky App or the website,

logging in to your Sky Piggybank is quick and easy.

Simply enter your Sky ID, and you’ll be able to access your account in no time.

Earn rewards with Sky Piggybank

If you’re someone who frequently rolls over unused data,

you may be surprised to learn that Sky Mobile offers a way to exchange that data for discounts on various products.

This unique program is known as Sky Piggybank Rewards,

and it allows you to turn your saved data into savings on new devices, tablets, and other products.

With Sky Rewards, you won’t be able to get cash back for your saved data,

but you can use it to get discounts on your next upgrade.

This means you can save money on the total price of the item you’re upgrading,

even if you’re still under contract.

Plus, the more data you save in your Sky, the higher the discount you can get.

This program is perfect for individuals or families who frequently roll over unused data,

as you can use the same Sky to save data from multiple lines.

And with a wide range of products and rewards available, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. So start saving your unused data in your Sky Piggybank and earn rewards today!


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