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Honest Mobile Review

Honest Mobile Review

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Honest Mobile Review

Honest Mobile Review is the best choice for those who want clarity and authenticity in their network plans. With the arrival of smartphones, mobile-network has become an essential part of lives. Everyone is searching for a good network, which plans are according to their requirements, whose coverage is good, has attractive features, and does not have any hidden charges. However, telecommunication has faced many criticisms due to a lack of clarity and hidden charges. People sometimes have trust issues and try to find a network that provides clarity in every aspect. Before you purchase a mobile or shift to any network, do some research and try to analyze which of them will work best for you.

In this article, we will know how Honest Mobile is best among other networks

What is Honest Mobile Review?

Honest Mobile Review is a UK-based network that is popular due to its transparency and honesty with its customers. The aim of this network is to provide a network that is easy to understand, without any hidden charges and has no complex terms or conditions. It is designed in a way that customers see fairness, flexibility, control over mobile, competitive rates, and ease to use. Just because of honesty and transparency, Honest Mobile has gained a reputation very quickly among the population and covering 99.8% outdoor population of the UK.

Honest Mobile provides different plans to its customers like unlimited data, text, and minute plans. These plans are affordable for almost every customer. Customers get peace of mind because of no hidden charges and it increases their trust of customers. Its simple, honest, and good services become the reason for a growing number of customers very fatly.

What set the Honest Mobile Network apart?

Several features set the Honest Mobile network set apart from other mobiles network in the UK:

Transparency Of Honest Mobile

Honest Mobile Review provide transparency in its every plan. The customer has to pay only the amount which he sees while choosing a plan, which means there are no hidden charges. And this thing build more trust among customers.

Carbon Negativity Provided by Honest Mobile

It is the first UK network that provides a carbon-negative network. It is the most attractive feature of Honest Mobile. The feature is not only good for mobile but it has good impacts on the environment.

No Contracts by Honest Mobile

Customers can sign up for Honest Mobile without a tie-up in long-term contracts. Although this service gives the freedom to customers that they can shift the network anytime.

Loyalty Discount by Honest Mobile Reviews

If the customer is loyal to its network then he should get some reward and Honest Mobile knew this thing very well. Network provides discounts on a bill to its loyal customers. The discounts can be up to 30%.

No-Credit Checks

Credit checks are not required by customers, which means there is no need to show credit history. It is good for students or poor credit history people.

No- Data Caps in Honest Mobile

If you use lots of data, and work a lot on the internet like downloading files, watching videos, browsing the net or social media apps then this feature is for you because Honest Mobile does not impose data caps, user can use as much data as he wants.

Unrestricted Hotspot

This network provides unlimited tethering to any device. It does not impose any limit on it.

Customer Service

Honest Mobile provides very excellent customer service. Customers can chat with a real human about their issues and get help in 30 seconds.

Control over SIM Cards

Honest Mobile Review network gives this facility to parents so that they can control their kid’s sim to avoid surprise charges. It gives the option of viewing only apps for your child so that you can decide what your child can watch on mobile. It also gives the option of Sims on and off.

Social Responsibility

Honest Mobile Review network practices social responsibility by doing charities and reducing its carbon footprint. This feature is also another reason for Honest Mobile’s popularity among its customers.

How to Switch Honest Mobile Reviews?

The process of switching to the Honest Mobile network is straightforward. First of all, customers have to order a sim then choose a plan, enter card details and order a sim. But if you already have a sim card you can transfer it by entering your PAC code in the app. The customer has to pay for his first month in the app to activate his sim card and then start enjoying his first-month plan.

Honest Mobile Review Plans

Honest Mobile offers many different plans that are designed according to the needs of the customers.

Monthly Plans

Honest Mobile offers monthly plans to its customers. This plan adds data, texts, and minutes each month and gives the option to add more if needed. This plan starts from £13.50 per month and includes 4GB of data and unlimited texts, and minutes. It goes to £25.00 per month and includes unlimited data, minutes, and texts.

12-Month Plans

In this customer gets offers for 12 months and has to pay every month. This plan provides data, texts, and minutes. This plan is good for those who have plans to live in the UK for a long period. This plans starts from £12.15 per month and includes 4GB of data and unlimited texts, and minutes, and it goes to £22.50 per month and provides unlimited data, minutes, and texts.

Pay as You Go Plans

This service is good for those who do not want to tie up a contract. They pay only for what they use. These plans are good for students, those who cannot pay every month, or those who are in for a short period in the UK.

SIM Only Plans

This option is good for customers who already have mobile phones and they want to keep them with them and do not want to spend more money on purchasing mobile phones. They can go with sim-only plans and can enjoy varying amounts of data, minutes, and texts.

The Challenges of Creating Honest Mobile Review

Creating a new network while there are already very strong networks available in the market is not an easy game. The honest Mobile network faced many challenges from its competitors but because of strong infrastructure and its new features like carbon negativity sim cards became popular very fast among people. And now it is the most famous network in the UK.

Why Choose Honest Mobile Review?

As Honest Mobile Review has the best features among all networks in the UK. The best thing about the Honest Mobile Network is providing a carbon negativity SIMcard which is imposing a good impact on the environment. It provides international roaming to EU countries without any additional charges and also allow international calling to its customers so that they can connect to their families and friends. Customers can make calls and SMS using Wi-Fi. It has flexibility and transparency in its plans so that customers choose their plans without any doubt because Honest Mobile does not allow hidden charges.


The concept of Honest Mobile Review is the promising one. It has changed the industry by providing transparent services, fair Honest Mobile Price , and satisfied customer service. Honest Mobile faced many challenges while creating the network, but due to its easy process and flexibility in plans, it became popular among customers.


Q. Are they any hidden charges or fees?

A. No, there are not any hidden charges or fees. It is completely transparent.

Q. Can I change or cancel my plan at any time?

A. Yes you can change or cancel your plan at any time. It gives them the freedom to customers to choose what is best for them.

Q. Hoe does EU roaming work?

A. Customer can text or call on UK number as normal and can use normal data up to a maximum of 20GB per month while he is in the EU.

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