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What is Encrochat?

EncroChat was one of the world’s largest encrypted communications services, with an estimated 60,000 members across Europe, including 10,000 in the United Kingdom. The company about which there is uncertainty has not been identified.

Encrochat created a secure communications network that allowed messages to be received without being freely intercepted. The site required its own phone, known as the EncroPhone, which could not be used for voice calls. Encrochat users were given a customized version of the phone that came preloaded with private message apps. Allowing them to communicate safely with one another.

Hosted on Encrochat ‘s website, some of the devices in the system had an outside security framework, such as a burn-room. That allowed phone data to be deleted remotely and data wiping without a passcode. Data wiping could be done only with a 15-digit code correctly entered. 

The handsets operated by Wi-Fi instead of mobile phone networks allowed Wi-Fi features, such as the camera, microphone, and GPS. To support added security, various security features such as these were disabled.

EncroPhones became popular among celebrities, high net worth individuals and organized crime gangs, many of whom were drawn to their reputation for secrecy and privacy.

Founder of Encrochat

Paul Krusky, the founder of EncroChat, has been instrumental in the development of encrypted phone firm EncroChat. Krusky’s activities have been highly influential in shaping the encryption landscape. And providing secure communication technology to people around the world. He is a pioneer in this field and his contributions to develop powerful encryption methods have made him an icon in the tech community.

Krusky founded EncroChat back in 2012, with a vision to provide an easy-to-use encrypted messaging service for individuals and organizations alike. His passion for protecting data privacy drove him to push the boundaries of security technology. 

With his guidance, EncroChat quickly became one of the most advanced providers of encrypted mobile phones and services. It enabled people from all walks of life to communicate securely without worrying about their messages being intercepted or monitored by authorities or malicious actors.

Encrochat Price

The encrypted messaging service EncroChat has become the “industry standard” among criminals, according to one source who spoke with Vice Motherboard. The service was reported in July 2022 to cost €1,000 (£900) each, then €1,500 (£1,350) for a six-month contract. EncroChat is designed to provide secure communication for its users by using encryption and offers features such as self-destructing messages. 

It appears that criminals have increasingly been taking advantage of EncroChat’s security measures since it first hit the market due to its convenience and reliability. According to reports from the police departments of multiple countries around the world, including UK, law enforcement agencies were able to crack into the server and discover hundreds of thousands of criminal activities ranging from drug trafficking to money laundering.

Encrochat Alternative

There are still plenty of apps available that offer end-to-end encryption and other secure features. These include Wickr, Signal, and Threema all of which have gained more attention since the demise of EncroChat. 


Wickr is often seen as the most sophisticated option for those seeking secure communication services. It offers timed messages so users can set expiration dates on their communications and be sure that no trace is left once the conversation ends. Wicker also allows users to securely store files in encrypted folders, ensuring maximum privacy for important documents. Plus, it includes desktop and mobile versions so you can message from any device with ease.


Signal is an open source messaging app which offers a range of features for its users. It provides disappearing messages, group chats, video calls and end-to-end encrypted file transfers, as well as an option for self-destructing messages. Which delete after a set amount of time. Signal also allows users to control who has access to their conversations, ensuring secure private messaging even in large groups.


This Swiss-based messaging platform offers users an array of features, including a comprehensive contact list and group chat functionalities. It also claims to only store anonymous user data on its servers and promises not to share any personal information with third parties. Threema’s encryption protocol is based on the open source NaCl library which ensures all communications are safe from prying eyes. 

Final Words

EncroChat has had a significant impact on the UK’s criminal underworld. The chat service enabled criminals to communicate anonymously and securely, allowing them to plan and execute their activities with impunity. 

It has resulted in a dramatic increase in arrests in the UK, as well as major convictions for serious offenses such as murder, drug smuggling and money laundering. 

EncroChat has also sparked an international investigation into its customers and servers. With multiple countries working together to shut down the network.


Why do criminals use EncroChat?

Criminals use EncroChat because it is a secure and encrypted messaging platform. It is designed to prevent law enforcement from accessing messages, making it the perfect tool for criminals who want to communicate without being detected.

Is EncroChat still alive?

The short answer is no, EncroChat is not alive anymore. It was a secure messaging service that allowed users to communicate with each other anonymously and securely. 

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